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Welcom to Hyundai club Ukraine!

This is new Hyundai Ukrainian club. On the old site of the Hyundai club, we have lived 7 years, but we survived, grew out of it and went to a new home. Now it's Ukrainian community and forum owners Hyundai. Hyundai Club Ukraine was reborn from the ashes actually rebelled.

Even if sometimes we get this Hyundai-gang, we remain friendly team of associates and good friends, united by a common passion - cars Hyundai.

Hyundai cars

Company Hyundai Motor Co is a South Korean automaker producing and exporting to Ukraine cars Hyundai. Company history begins c 1967, has more than 30 years. Compared with more established competitors, Hyundai could been called a newcomer to the automotive market. However, the young age of Hyundai Motor Co does not interfere with Hyundai vehicles to compete with the older automobile brands in the European, North American, Asian and domestic markets.

Selection of Hyundai

Any person eventually decide to purchase or replace an existing car. Then one was been faced with the most important problem - the problem of choice. You're probably no exception. Still in the process of choosing their future four-wheeled friend, a desire to buy an inexpensive, high-quality car that is not ashamed to drive yourself, family and friends a ride. How to make a choice? Remember the words of the song from the 80s: "Pick me. Choose me - bird of happiness for tomorrow?" It's about the sale. By choosing one of the representatives of the Hyundai lineup, you choose modern technology and original design, which does not expire for many years. Hyundai Company usually completes its model a little better and a little better quality than the more famous car brands. After Hyundai, transport still has to conquer new markets and to prove its superiority. If you are prudent and practical person committing deliberate purchase, the cars Hyundai is your choice! Hyundai club members to help Ukraine and will do everything for what would be your choice was easy and correct.

Automobile Club - Hyundai Club Ukraine

Most likely, you already owner car with labeling Hyundai or are just going to be? It is not out of idle curiosity, you came to this site - Ukrainian Hyundai's club.

You are driving behind the wheel of Accent, Elantra or i30. Perhaps you are the owner Tucson, Sonata, SantaFe or Grandeur? In any case, you went to the address. The Ukrainian club gathered Hyundai owners without exception representatives Hyundai lineup. In Hyundai Club Ukraine, you will find new friends and companions. Will meet great people united by a common idea. Our club is a friendly team of associates who are not only talking on the club forum, but also play together offline.

How to live Hyundai Club Ukraine is the Internet? First, the club has traditional club events - weekly meetings. Therefore, every Tuesday in Kiev, we drink coffee near the registry office, every Wednesday we play bowling, and every Saturday we meet outdoor for communication. At each of these meetings are going to newcomers and old-timers club, many of which have long since changed on cars of other brands, but the club did not go on the forums dedicated to other brands. After Ukrainian club Hyundai (Hyundai Club Ukraine) is not just the owners of one of the many brands of cars. Hyundai Ukrainian club is primarily friends, associates; some of them for many years even tied the ties of kinship.

Hyundai Lineup

Hyundai Accent - small sedan class, which can rightly be considered one of the most widespread and popular cars Hyundai in Ukraine. It is a forum for owners of Hyundai Accent is our busiest. That is why we have two whole Forum Accent. The first - on the most modern generation Accent RB (aka Solaris or Verna) and the second - on the earlier generations Accent MC.

There are constant discussions all that were been connected with the Accent (Hyundai Accent). For example, see "Tech. Maintenance and repair" are discussing maintenance Hyundai Accent RB, in the "Body and interior" solve the problems associated with the body and interior of the car, in the "Tuning" occur heated debate on the subject of what the best body kit for emphasis.

Forum Tucson is the most extraordinary part of the Hyundai Club Ukraine. Our inhabitants Forum crossover Hyundai Tucson is very large, and most importantly interesting and unusual subculture. In the section dedicated to Hyundai Tucson we have team of the irrepressible travelers, explorer’s severe off-road and urban spaces. Inhabitants of Tucson Forum besides intimate conversations online, always have an irresistible urge to call in such areas, in which the owners of sedans do not have four-wheel drive are simply afraid to go. In addition, these desires will certainly come to life.

Forum ix35 is part of the Hyundai Club Ukraine. With the release of the next generation Tucson named Hyundai ix35 we have a separate forum for ix35. This is quite a young representative of the lineup, but he rightfully inherit popularity and tradition of its predecessor Tucson. You traveled by Ukraine for Hyundai ix35 - you direct road to the forum ah X 35 there all on your own.

Forum Getz. This Korean hatchback has captivated the hearts of not only many girls, becoming their first transport means in their lives, but they leave indifferent the hearts of many tough people. It is because of such a combination is always interesting to visit the section on Hyundai Getz. Forum Getz visit and the owners of the next generation of this model - Hyundai i20. Despite the fact that we have a separate forum for the i20, the owners of these models do not see the difference.

Forum Sonata. Despite the fact that more and more expensive Sonata other representatives of the family of Hyundai, the owners of this sedan is not kept apart. They are members of the same club as the rest.

We invite you to join the family friendly Hyundai Club Ukraine.